A Culture of Learning is a Competitive Advantage

An Information Technology enthusiast or a seasoned professional keen to advance skills....learning empowers everyone

Start with a quick and easy introduction to Information Technology concepts then quickly jump into Manual and Automation testing in depth agenda. This course prepares you with Software Testing and related tools.
Data is a key business driver. Our Big Data session starts with data basics, Big Data and Hadoop concepts before diving deep into Hadoop, HBase, Hive, PIG, SQOOP, HCatalog and much more.
With its adoption and implementation on rise, DevOps & Tooling training is just the thing to help with your DevOps journey. Learn Continuous Integration/Delivery and explore related tooling.
Software Testing

Manual Testing

Automation Testing


Quality Center

Big Data & Analytics

Introduction to Big Data

Hadoop and HDFS

Map Reduce Programming

NOSQL / HBase / Pig / Hive

DevOps & Tooling

Understand DevOps Ecosystem

GIT auto source code management

Continuous integration using Jenkins

Containers & VMs